1_ Shivers Only

November 8-22, 2017, LAPAIX, 10-12 rue de la Paix, Paris

Alfredo Aceto, Iván Argote, Mohamed Bourouissa, Antoine Donzeaud, Julien Goniche, Angélique Heidler, Thomas Mailaender, Hubert Marot, Naoki Sutter-Shudo


Thomas Mailaender, La Carotte, 2016
Hide of an immature bull printed with Prussian blue and pigments, plastic and stainless-steel frame

Antoine Donzeaud, Ordinary Objects for Common Use (Collarbone), 2016
Silkscreen print on tarp, polythene, wool, spray and rivets

Hubert Marot, Wishing, 2017
TV, video: 2’57’’, sound, loop

Mohamed Bourouissa, Mirror, 2016
Black and white silver print on car body part

Julien Goniche, Artist with flowers, 2017
Inkjet print on plastic

Iván Argote, Vivo y muero por ti, 2017
Laser cuting on documents, posters and books, neodymium magnets, vernished steel structure

Naoki Sutter-Shudo, Smoky (1913) & Smoky (1885), 2017
C-print, wood, enamel

Angélique Heidler, «Ronaaaallld..!», dit-elle, d’un air navré. Et à la fois, ça l’amusait., 2017
Acrylic, oil, gel and digital print collage on sawn canvas and printed fabrics

Julien Goniche, Artist On A Wooden Table, 2017
Inkjet print on plastic

Alfredo Aceto, Re-Mental landscape II, 2016
Zinc plate, steel and glass