Press release

Angélique Heidler

Installation view

Angélique Heidler, Chicharron, 2020
Acrylic, collage, plastic hook and key holder on sawn fabrics

Angélique Heidler, Bacchus, 2020
Charcoal and sequins on sawn burlap and fabrics

Angélique Heidler, Au Chalet Suisse, 2020
Acrylic, stickers and mdf laser cut flower and corners on fabric

Angélique Heidler, Antichrist Superstar, 2020
Oil, acrylic and metal pieces on canvas

Angélique Heidler, Le Soleil a rendez-vous avec la Lune, 2020
Acrylic, charcoal and spraypainted laser cut mdf corners on sawn fabrics